1. Download the client

Download the latest MyEtherWallet Satochip client.

2. Download Satochip Bridge

Download the latest Satochip Bridge. The bridge will act as an interface between your card and the MyEtherWallet web page.

Your Satochip card using the contact interface and the smart card reader.

3. Plug your card in the reader

Plug your hardware wallet in a card reader or tap it on an NFC reader and launch the Satochip Bridge which will pop as a green ginkgo leaf on your systray.

4. Run the Satochip Bridge

  • Right click on the green ginkgo leaf on your system systray.

  • Then click on “Setup new Satochip” to follow the wizard.

5. Setup your PIN code

Follow the Satochip Bridge wizard and insert your desired personal PIN code to secure the card (up to 16 chars).

5. Setup your seedphrase

  • Insert your existing seedphrase or generate a brand new one.

  • Take care to backup the seedphrase in a safe place.
    This is the only information needed to recover your wallet.