1. Download the client

Download the latest Seedkeeper-Tool client.

It will allow you to store your most precious secrets, including seedphrases, masterseed and others inside a secure chip, protected by a PIN code.

2. Plug your card in the reader

Plug your Seedkeeper in a card reader or tap it on an NFC reader and launch the Seedkeeper-Tool.

3. Setup your PIN code

Follow the wizard and insert your desired personal PIN code to secure the card (up to 16 chars).

4. Import your seedphrase

  • To import your seedphrase into your card, select “Import a secret“.

  • Select “Mnemonic phrase”, name the entry with a fancy label.

  • Select the type of seedphrase you want to store and click on “I already have a mnemonic”.

Your seedphrase is now safely isolated inside the secure chip.

5. Export your seedphrase

  • To export your seedphrase, just click on “Export a secret“.

  • Select the secret to export (that’s why the label is important). And click on “Export“.

  • That’s it! Really easy to use and safe.