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Each Satochip hardware wallet is delivered non-initialized.
During the wallet initialization with the Electrum Satochip client, the seed is shown on the screen and must be confirmed by the user.

THIS IS THE ONLY TIME the seed is visible to the user and the only opportunity to do a backup of the seed!

After that, it is not possible anymore to export the seed or any private key from the Satochip.
The seed and optionally the PIN code are the two information the user need to recover the Satochip hardware wallet on another Satochip card.

Here is a PDF file that will show you how to quick start with your Satochip hardware wallet if you want to hodl, store and secure your Bitcoin (BTC) : Satochip – Quick guide – BTC

When selecting “Use a hardware device”, you may get this error :
“No hardware device detected”

To resolve this issue :

  1. Make sure you are using the latest release of the client :
  2. Make sure your card reader is detected and working well :
    • If you are using a Linux operating system, make sure to use the good drive : sudo apt-get install pcscd
    • If you are using a Windows operating system, make sure to use the official Windows driver
  3. Make sure the Satochip card is plugged in :
    • Test once with the chip at the top (some readers read the card upside down)
    • Test once with the chip at the bottom

The Satochip cards are loaded with the same applet so basicly you can use a single card to support multiple crypto-currencies.
Be sure to use the dedicated client : Electrum, Electron Cash or Electrum Litecoin.
We use different designs to distinguish cards and because it’s beautiful!

No you can’t.
This is a hardware wallet. Not a debit no credit card.


The Satochip hardware wallet looks like a bank card but it’s not a credit nor a debit card. The chip is loaded with the Satochip applet to provide hardware wallet fucntionalities.
Of course you can use your Satochip hardware wallet to spend your funds like any other wallet.

The Satochip hardware wallet is like any other one (well, we both know its better but…).

To use it, you will need :

  1. A chip card reader (available at our shop),
  2. A client (Electrum (BTC) or Electron Cash (BCH) or Electrum Litecoin (LTC)) with the Satochip plugin.

Plug it on your computer by using the chip card reader, start the Electrum Satochip client, initialize your Satochip hardware wallet and enjoy.


The Satochip hardware wallet is fully BIP32 compliant (Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet). A new address is generated after each spending. This is done through the Electrum Satochip client. From the user perspective, it works exactly as with a classic Electrum wallet, except that the keys are stored securely within the chip.

Yes and no.

To use the Satochip card, you will need a chip card reader. The card itself do not require any specific drivers.
We have tested a wide variety of card reader on the market and all of them accept the Satochip hardware wallet but we cannot affirm that all chip card reader are suitable.
That’s why we are selling our own smart card reader which is fully tested with our Satochip cards.