1. Download the client

Download the latest Electrum Satochip client.

To allow communication between the card and the software client, we have integrated the Satochip plugin into the original Electrum client by forking it.

Your Satochip card using the contact interface and the smart card reader.

2. Plug your card in the reader

Plug your hardware wallet in a card reader or tap it on an NFC reader and launch the Electrum Satochip client.

3. Run the Electrum client

  • Run the Electrum Satochip client and choose a name for your wallet (.dat) file.
    Click on Next.

  • Select “Standard wallet” to create a simple and easy to use Bitcoin wallet.

  • Select “Use a hardware device” to be able to safely store your Bitcoin private keys within the secure chip.

4. Setup your PIN code

Follow the Electrum wizard and insert your desired personal PIN code to secure the card (up to 16 chars).

5. Setup your seedphrase

  • Insert your existing seedphrase or generate a brand new one.

  • Take care to backup the seedphrase in a safe place.
    This is needed to recover your wallet.