Tailored solutions for modern enterprises

Satochip offers customized solutions on demand, including card personalization services, alternative form factor devices, embedded solutions…

  • Show you care about security by offering a hardware wallet featuring your token.
  • Create an innovative marketing campaign by offering your NFTs on a Satodime card.
  • Prove that your company is part of the Web3.0 movement and that blockchain technology is close to your heart by offering your employees a cold storage solution bearing your company’s logo.

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Print customization

We offer a wide range of services including graphic design, design control, print testing and customized packaging.
Our teams will accompany you step by step to fit your customization needs and create a product that matches your brand image.

Pre-loaded Satodime card

Thanks to our highly secure key generation technology, you can create crypto safes and load them with different values: coins, tokens, NFTs. With no compromise on security and no need for a trusted third party.

Software interface customization

Pushing back the barriers of customization, we also offer you a service for customizing the application interfaces of our products.
Whether as a white label or for specific projects, we adapt these interfaces to meet your specific needs.

Specific use cases

Finally, through our SOP (Satochip Open Platform) solution, we offer you the possibility of building your projects using our hardware and software solutions. Developing tailormade blockchain solutions has never been easier.

Satochip Open Platform

Based on a robust hardware and software architecture, the Satochip open platform lets you develop a wide range of use cases, taking full advantage of blockchain technology.

From the distribution of tokenized assets to proof of identity and traceability, Satochip can help you with all your projects.

  • Do you need to safely store and manage cryptographic assets?
  • Do you need to sign a transaction with a private cryptographic key?
  • Do you want to exchange cryptocurrency from hand to hand, without compromising security?

Our smart card-based solutions enable you to develop an infinite number of applications with ease.

Your Satochip card using the contact interface and the smart card reader.

eGold exchange

How to physically exchange gold tokenised assets?

Today, you sell physical gold at a local outlet. American Eagle, 20 francs gold, Krugerrand…

But did you know that you can also offer tokenized gold to your customers? Load a Satodime card with eGold and sell it physically.

We offer personalized cards, an on-the-fly loading system and a tailor-made mobile application.

Signing device for IOT

The smallest signing device.

Your commercial operation requires product traceability at every stage of the production chain.

Thanks to blockchain, you can record and time-stamp information in a decentralized ledger. Satochip supplies the hardware you need to register information on the blockchain.

Our equipment can be integrated into IOT and DIY solutions.

Promotional campaign

The best way to advertise your crypto project.

As an established artist in the crypto and NFT ecosystem, would you like to promote your new collection?

What could be better than Satodime cards featuring your NFTs, each loaded with an ERC-721 token? A rare, limited edition for hard-to-pleased collectors.

You can also do it for various coins including ERC-20 or BEP-20 tokens.

Partners program

Grow your business with Satochip.

Want to join forces to grow Bitcoin adoption and other cryptocurrencies? Whether it’s integrating new tokens or including our solutions in your Dapp, let’s build a self-sustaining Web3.0 ecosystem together.

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