1. Download the mobile app

Download the latest Satodime app on your mobile.

It will allow you to manage your card, create new crypto-vault and easily load them with your favorite tokens.

2. Launch & Tap

Launch the application and follow the wizard. It will ask you to affix your Satodime card to your phone. Make sure you keep the card on your phone’s NFC reader throughout the procedure.

3. Enjoy your crypto vault

  • To create a new crypto vault, just click on an empty vault and follow the wizard.

  • Select the blockchain corresponding to the token you wish to store.

  • Finally, click on “Create and Seal” to create your first cryptographic safe.

4. Load your favorite token

Now that your vault is sealed, you can access public information such as balance or public key. Click on “Add funds” to see the deposit address. You can even display it as a QR code to easily send funds to your card.

5. Unseal it anytime

  • Unseal your crypto vault and you’ll discover the corresponding private key.

  • Sweep your private key to any compatible software client and gain instant access to your fund.