Chip card reader

To interract with your cards


In the real world of digital assets, safety is paramount. The Satochip’s chip card reader, specifically designed for our hardware chip cards, ensures a seamless and secure connection to your computer.

Compatible with Satochip, Satodime or Seedkeeper products.

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  • Plug & Play: no complex installation required. Simply plug in the reader and it’s ready to communicate with your Satochip card

  • Universal compatibility: works efficiently with a wide range of computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS

  • Compact design: lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry even in your pocket

  • Optimized for Satochip cards: specifically designed to read Satochip hardware wallets, ensuring maximum compatibility and performance

  • Size and weight: 84mm x 65mm x 8mm for 50g

  • Connectivity: USB-A type with 90cm cable


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