Satodime 5-pack

The ultimate gift experience


Get 5 Satodime for the price of 4.

Satodime, the two-clicks cryptocurrency storage solution, is now available in a super low-cost bundle package. Secure, simple, tangible. You will be able to easily gift cryptocurrency and NFTs to your friends and family.

Get more information about your hassle-free gateway to the crypto world here.

In stock

What you get

Five Satodime cards

  • Small form factor, easy to carry, easy to gift

  • Create up to 3 different vaults per card

  • For personal use as a cold storage or as a gift for friends

  • To use it, simply tap the card to your phone using NFC

Illustration of the smart card Satodime bearer crypto card paired with an Apple iPhone.

Manage your assets
from your mobile

You can use your Satodime card from your computer, but also with your mobile phone thanks to NFC technology.

Simply tap your card on your phone’s reader and interact directly with it. You can then easily create new vaults to safely store your favorite cryptocurrencies.

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • But also on Windows, Linux and MacOS


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