Blank Javacard for DIY project

A blank compatible card


Because Satochip is open source, you can download the firmware for your favourite product from Github and build your own device.

Be self sovereign, manage your keys yourself, securely store what really belongs to you. From Bitcoin to your seedphrase, we’ve got you covered.

In stock

Try it yourself

Create your own Satochip’s product

  • Ideal to build your own Satochip hardware wallet

  • Perfectly designed to craft your next Satodime gift

  • Ideal for designing your first Seedkeeper card

Follow the tutorial

Buy the card, download the needed file and flash it to create your own Satochip’s product.

And completely open source

Because we believe in the free world, we have decided to make our code completely open source under the AGPLv3 license. From the firmware loaded on your Satodime card to the mobile application you use, everything is open source.

  • Quality code: accessible and verifiable by everyone, everywhere.

  • Contribute to the project to add or remove new features or cryptocurrencies.


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