Satochip cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Secure the future

Imagine a highly secured small form-factor hardware wallet where you can store your favorite cryptocurrencies …
Using the most secured chip with an embedded quality code, we can bring you a new way to store, share and secure your assets.

Furthermore, Satochip is the very first affordable hardware crypto-card wallet in the world !

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Satochip hardware wallet is supported by many well known and widely used software client such as Electrum, Electron Cash and MyCrypto. The card is NFC ready.

Easy to use
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Low form factor

The format of the Satochip card conforms to the market standards , which makes it an easily transportable, lightweight, secure and weatherproof card.

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A cool and secure chip

Trusted for years, the secure chip encrypts information to increase data security when making transactions and storing keys. Chip is EAL6 certified.

The card supports a wide range of crypto-assets to fit the market and your needs.

Currently, Satochip supports BTC, BCH and the SLP tokens, LTC, ETH and all the ERC-20 tokens..

Multi-crypto support
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Made in Belgium

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Start guide - Satochip hardware wallet - Bitcoin

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A hardware wallet with a strong security

Satochip stands for Secure Anonymous Trustless and Open Chip.
Similarly to your bank card, it is a javacard applet that can be used as a small form factor and secure hardware wallet.

A Satochip hardware wallet exploded overview

Cutting-edge hardware wallet standards

Satochip will probably change the way you see the hardware wallet and how you use it. With its small form factor and the easy way of use, this affordable, weather resistant and highly secured crypto card will gain mass adoption.

The pilars of the Satochip project are the following ones.

Technical specifications

Satochip offers state-of-the-art security: your private keys are safely isolated inside the chip, the same chip used in highly secure applications such as credit and ID cards.

Overview of a Satochip Bitcoin hardware wallet chip

Dimensions & weight

  • Size: ID-1 ISO 7810 format  85.60 × 53.98 mm

  • Weight: only 10 grams


  • Standard edition: PVC card

Supported crypto

  • Cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH

  • Tokens: SLP and ERC-20

Chip & connector

  • Chip: NXP JCOP (*may vary)

  • Connector: USB 3.0 SIM/EID and NFC ready.

Cryptographic support



  • ALG_SHA_256, ALG_SHA_512


  • javacardx.crypto.Cipher: ALG_AES_BLOCK_128_ECB/CBC_NOPAD

Additional security measure

  • PIN code: up to 16 char

  • 2FA: smartphone (Android only)

Contact us

Based in Belgium, the land of chocolate, beers and frites, the Satochip team would be really excited to hear about you !
So grab your hapiness and reach us out through one of those social media.

Developers, Bitcoin fan and code lovers : fork us !

We are also on Telegram and Twitter…

See you soon !


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