Satodime – Bearer crypto card


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Satodime – Original design

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Satodime – Bearer crypto card

The Satodime bearer crypto card is based on a smart card. It looks like your bank card but it is a security device that let you safely store crypto-currencies and others tokens.
Using a chip card reader (available at our shop) or simply with the NFC technology, you will be able to:

  • seal a new security vault
  • load your favorite cryptocurrency in the vault
  • verify the balance and the status of your vault:
    • Sealed – meaning no one knows the private key
    • Unsealed – meaning the private key has been revealed to someone

To use your Satodime, please download the Satodime tool available on our Github. It’s really easy to use ! The project is open source and community driven. Come on and join us !

More information :

    • Cryptocurrency supported :
      • BTC,
      • BCH,
      • LTC,
      • ETH and the ERC20 tokens
      • And many more to come…
  • Card type : secure chip with a contact interface (need a chip card reader to be used). It can also be used with the NFC technology.
  • Card format : the card respects the ID-1 ISO 7810 format with a 85,60 mm × 53,98 mm dimension.
  • Material : the card is composed by several plastic PVC layers. Surface is printing using a dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer for an optimal printed quality.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 85.6 × 1 × 53.98 mm
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