Satodime – DIY and developers card


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Satodime blank card to make your own bearer cold storage.

44 in stock


Satodime bearer crypto card

The Satodime bearer crypto card is based on a smart card. It looks like your bank card but it is a security device that let you safely store crypto-currencies and others tokens.
Using a chip card reader (available at our shop) or simply with the NFC technology, you will be able to:

  • seal a new security vault
  • load your favorite cryptocurrency or token in the vault
  • verify the balance and the status of your vault:
    • Sealed – meaning no one knows the private key
    • Unsealed – meaning the private key has been revealed to someone

To use your Satodime, please download the Satodime tool available on our Github or with the Android mobile app.
It’s really easy to use! The project is open source and community driven. Come on and join us!


Do It Yourself

Here is a fully compatible Javacard that will allow you to create your own Satodime bearer crypto card.
Grab this card, load our code and enjoy your home made bearer crypto card. Detailed instructions available at our “Start” page.
For the most adventurous hackers, you can even compile the code yourself !

More information:

  • Cryptocurrency supported:
      • BTC,
      • BCH,
      • LTC,
      • ETH and the ERC20 tokens
      • XCP
      • And many more to come…
  • Card type: secure chip with a contact interface (need a chip card reader to be used). It can also be used with the NFC technology.
  • Card format: the card respects the ID-1 ISO 7810 format with a 85,60 mm × 53,98 mm dimension.
  • Material: the card is composed by several plastic PVC layers. Surface is printing using a dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer for an optimal printed quality.


Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 86,6 × 1 × 53,98 mm
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