SIM format – DIY and developers card


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Satochip blank card to make your own hardware wallet.
This is the SIM version (ID-000 ISO 7810)

49 in stock


Try the SIM format for the smallest hardware wallet.

You want to use the smallest form factor possible when using the Satochip, Satodime, or Seedkeeper firmware? We’ve got you covered with a compatible javacard, pre-cut into a SIM card-sized chip.

Important note

This card has the SIM form factor, meaning you can cut the chip and get the most tiny hardware wallet worldwide.
To use it, either use a chip card reader (available at our shop) – but keep the SIM tight to the PVC card.
Or use a SIM card reader.


Do It Yourself hardware wallet

Here is a fully compatible Javacard that will allow you to create your own Satochip hardware wallet.
Grab this card, load our code and enjoy your home made hardware wallet. Detailed instructions available at our “Start” page.
For the most adventurous hackers, you can even compile the code yourself !

More information :

  • Card type : secure chip with a contact interface (need a SIM chip card reader to be used).
  • Card format : the card respects the ID-000 ISO 7810 format with a 15mm × 25 mm dimension.
  • Material : the card is composed by several plastic PVC layers.
  • Design : blank card

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 86,6 × 1 × 53,98 mm
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