Satochip designer edition : the Bunny Hodl


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Satochip hardware wallet – Designer Edition

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Satochip hardware wallet

The Satochip hardware wallet is based on a smart card. It looks like your bank card but it is a security device that let you safely store your private keys within the tamper-proof secure chip.
Using a chip card reader (available at our shop) or simply with the NFC technology, you will be able to manage your favorite crypto assets.

So far, the Satochip hardware wallet is supported (natively or not) by multiple well known software clients such Electrum, Electrum for Litecoin, Electron Cash, Electron Cash SLP Edition, MetaMask and MyEtherWallet. Thus it’s really easy to use ! The project is open source and community driven. Come on and join us !

Designer Edition

The “Bunny Hodl” is a limited serie which contains two different designs.
The design was made by a young and talentuous Belgian designer.

Left card is called ‘Hodl’ and represents the crypto-industry and the Satochip spirit.
Right card is called ‘Bunny’ and represents the designer’s mood while drawing.
When you put both cards together, the moon appears !

More information :

  • Card type : secure chip with a contact interface (need a chip card reader to be used). It can also be used with the NFC technology.
  • Card format : the card respects the ID-1 ISO 7810 format with a 85,60 mm × 53,98 mm dimension.
  • Material : the card is composed by several plastic PVC layers. Surface is printing using a dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer for an optimal printed quality.
  • Design : Designer series – the Bunny Hodl

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 85,6 × 1 × 53,98 mm
Limited Edition


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