Bearer crypto card

The bearer chip card that allows you to exchange crypto assets like any banknote. Safely pass it along multiple times thanks to the secure chip, unseal anytime with ease. Trustless, easy to verify and completely secure.

  • Satodime - Original design
  • Disclaimer Any enfringement to the "Customization Terms and Conditions" may lead to the cancelation of you order with NO REFUND. Please, read carefully the "Customization Terms and Conditions". Here is an overview:
    1. Do NOT use/upload images, pictures or any other materials that does not belong to you. You must have the full ownership (and intellectual property) of the used/uploaded files.
    2. Do NOT use/upload images, pictures or any other materials that may hurt people sensitivity. See the full "Customization Terms and Conditions".
    3. Accepted media files: .jpeg and .png. Max. 2Mb, min. 72 DPI, min/max height: 150px/1500px, min/max width: 150px/1500px.
    4. You must have an account on our webshop to be allowed to upload media files.
    5. You can customize the front and the back of the card. Satodime gold logo on the back is mandatory.
    6. For better result, do not use deep black color on your background design.
    7. Watermark is apply to the print preview.
    8. You can add text using several preloaded fonts and colors.
    9. Do not use Satochip nor Satodime designs including the Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum design or any other designs from the "Designers series" such the Encode GRAPHICS, Arke, CryptomaniacFR or any future design.
    Click here to customize your very own hardware wallet.
  • Satodime blank card to make your own bearer cold storage.
  • Plastic card holder that blocks NFC communication.
  • The offical Satochip USB chip card reader.
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